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Institute for Collaborative Working Australia 

ABN: 22 651 028 401


The Institute for Collaborative Working Australia's vision is to become the premier organisation in Australia for:

Supporting development and growth of Collaborative Working practices domestically and globally and building a Community of Practice that contributes to the global body of knowledge on Collaborative Working.

ICW Australia has four objectives:

Promote the adoption of Collaborative Working as a business discipline – including but not limited to the ISO 44000 family 
Build the Australian Collaborative Working Community of Practice.  Represent Australia in the global Collaborative Working community
Build awareness of Collaborative Working and capability and capacity in its application within Australia
Contribute to the development of the Collaborative Working body of knowledge both locally and globally
Role and Activities

ICW Australia is a not-for-profit member organisation that supports the development of the Collaborative Working Community of Practice in Australia.

Our activities include:

- educating & supporting the development and growth of Collaborative Working as a business discipline,

- research and practice to improve collaborative tools & strategies, and to build the evidence base,

- building & facilitating our Community of Practice: a network of businesses, organisations & individuals actively engaged in Collaborative Working,

- helping businesses, organisations & individuals realise the benefits of Collaborative Working,

- offering & developing a range of resources and tools to assist organisations and individuals with implementing Collaborative Working practices,

- offering training & courses on Collaborative Working and international standards,

- raising awareness of, and supporting adoption of, Collaborative Working principles and international standards (including ISO 44001) in Australia.

ICW UK and International

Australian businesses, organisations, and individuals can benefit from ICWA's leadership and experience in the application of Collaborative Working in the Australian context - including the knowledge and expertise of the ICWA Community of Practice. In addition, ICWA can facilitate access to ICW's international leadership and experience. 


ICW Australia is aligned with the Institute for Collaborative Working UK and the network of ICWs across the world, including ICW New Zealand.


Details and contacts for ICWs in the UK and globally are HERE

The Institute for Collaborative Working was established in 1990 and is based in London, UK. The Institute is the thought leader for Collaborative Working and provides practical guidance from extensive experience gained from working across relationships within the commercial, Government and academic arenas.  ICW's role is to establish Collaborative Working as a professional business discipline and help organisations, large and small, to build and develop effective relationships based on Collaborative Working practice. The Institute is focused on knowledge transfer through training and development offerings supported by academic research and a portfolio of thought leadership reports. The Institute was the driving force behind the development of BS 11000 Collaborative Business Relationship Framework, the world's first Standard in relationship management, published by BSI - the British Standards Institution in 2010 - and its evolution in 2017 to ISO 44001 the International Standard for collaborative business relationship management.

ICW and ICW Australia's partnership includes ICW Australia delivering the Collaborative Leaders Course on behalf of ICW in Australia - offering individuals in Australia a pathway to becomes Members of ICW (MICW). Further information is on our Courses page.  

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Board of Directors


Board of Directors

Brett Ackroyd
Managing Director

  • LinkedIn - Brett Ackroyd

Brett Ackroyd, Managing Director, ICW Australia, has over 20 years of experience as a strategic procurement and commercial / legal advisor to government and private organisations. His background is in contract & commercial law, intellectual property law, and in strategic procurement for large and complex projects.


Brett has developed a practice specialising in the design and implementation of effective supplier engagement agreements for the delivery of complex outcomes; designing and building efficient commercial management organisations; and building effective collaborative commercial working relationships.


Brett has demonstrated success in building and leading multidisciplinary teams delivering complex, multibillion dollar procurement projects and designing collaborative working organisations to deliver above average commercial outcomes.

Josh Choong

  • LinkedIn - Joshua Choong

Joshua Choong, Director, ICW Australia, is experienced in delivering complex procurement and contracting initiatives. Josh has significant experience in working with a wide variety of stakeholders to deliver effective, innovative commercial solutions in complex and dynamic business environments.


Josh has experience working across large projects in the Defence and technology sectors, with a focus on implementing innovative processes across multiple business units.


Josh is an outcome-focused professional who enjoys working as a collaborative problem solver. He brings this passion for problem solving to his work with stakeholders to develop practical solutions for complex challenges. 

Advisory Council

Advisory Council

ICW Australia's Advisory Council provides strategic guidance and advice on achieving ICWA goals, gives stakeholder input and feedback on ICWA activities, and works to promote ICWA and Collaborative Working. ​

ICWA Advisory Council Members are leaders in our Community of Practice, thought-leaders on Collaborative Working as a business discipline, and experts on Collaborative Working strategies, methods and tools.

Members represent an industry, academic field, government entity or other stakeholder with an interest in collaborative working, have subject matter expertise in collaborative working and associated standards, or have other relevant experience and expertise.

Advisory Council Members

ENM Representatives
  • LinkedIn - Eric Sodergren

Erik Sodergren - Head of Operational Excellence, Babcock Australasia

  • LinkedIn - Fleur Barlow

Fleur Barlow - Project Director Solution Development (Defence), Ventia

Invited Members
  • LinkedIn - David Pender

David Pender - Principal, Knowledge Perspectives

  • LinkedIn - Michael Perkins

Michael Perkins - Principal, Autonomy First Lawyers

  • LinkedIn - Noel Lindsay

Noel Lindsay - Dean, Adelaide Business School

  • LinkedIn - Tony McCartney
  • LinkedIn - Bruce Billson




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