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Executive Network Members


Babcock Australasia joined the Institute for Collaborative Working Australia as our inaugural Executive Network Member in August 2021.


Babcock is driving collaborative working across industry as part of a cultural approach to delivering complex programs and solutions through transparency, mutual support and shared benefits. 

ICWA's relationship with Babcock Australasia builds upon Babcock International Group’s founding membership of the global Institute for Collaborative Working (ICW) – formed in the United Kingdom in 1990.

Read the press release HERE

Ventia joined the Institute for Collaborative Working Australia as our second Executive Network Member in July 2022.


Ventia is building collaborative working with stakeholders, partners, supply chain members, and competitors. Ventia have a proven track recording in achieving outcomes for clients with innovation through collaboration.

Ventia and ICWA are working together to promote and leverage the benefits of Collaborative Working in Australia, and to act as thought-leaders to our Community of Practice. 

Read the press release HERE

ICWA's two Founding Executive Network Members (ENMs) - Babcock Australasia and Ventia - joined ICWA in the establishment phase.


The support of our Founding ENMs has been crucial in ICWA's first years of operations, enabling ICWA to commence its role as a membership based Collaborative Working organisation, and to build and launch ICWA's core roles and activities. 


The Founding ENMs continue to provide ICWA with significant support for activities and projects. 


ICWA appreciates and thanks Babcock Australasia and Ventia Australia.

Executive Network Members

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ICWA's Executive Network Members (ENMs) are at the forefront of developing the practice of Collaborative Working in Australia. 

ENMs are experts and thought-leaders on Collaborative Working. 

Thank you to Gamuda Australia.

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